An astonishing number! Nicole Kidman Is Worth A Lot More Than You Think that you never think about

For the past few decades, has been a household name, appearing in cult and acclaimed films and television series like , , , , and (via ). Given her lofty accomplishments, it makes sense that Kidman's bank account balance reflects .

Currently, it is estimated that Kidman's net worth is a whopping $250 million. In the first two decades of her career, from 1990 to 2008, Kidman made around $180 million for her work on projects like , , and . From that point on, Kidman's average earnings on each acting project skyrocketed.

In fact, the actress was paid $1 million per episode for her work on the 2020 . Throughout her career, Kidman has earned an astonishing $350 million (per ).

Along with acting, Kidman has also secured several high-paying endorsement deals throughout the years with companies like Neutrogena, Etihad Airways, Omega watches, and Swisse (per ). Back in 2004, Kidman starred in the most expensive advertisement to ever be broadcasted on television for the No. 5 perfume. In total, the commercial cost $33 million to produce. Kidman was ultimately handed a cool $3 million for her appearance in the five-minute commercial (via


Throughout the world, of 15 years, Keith Urban (who is worth around $75 million, according to ), own approximately $30 million worth of . Currently, the couple owns multi-million-dollar homes in Nashville, Beverly Hills, and New York City as well as two homes in Australia in Sydney and Bunya Hill (per Celebrity Net Worth).

The couple's impressive condo in Manhattan features two terraces, cathedral ceilings, and a car elevator that brings the family straight from their car to the front door of the condo (via ). To get away from the stress of city life (the trip from the car elevator to the front door must be exhausting), Kidman and Urban make it a habit to retreat to their 111-acre farm in Bunya Hill, which boasts, among other impressive features, six adorable alpacas (per the



When she's not lounging in her landlocked estates, Kidman likes to set sail in her , , which is worth around $4.5 million and features five cabins, separate crew quarters, a living area, and a complete kitchen (via the ).

Apart from indulging in expensive real estate, Kidman also enjoys wearing her salary on her wrists. According to the , one of Kidman's most beloved pieces of is the vintage Omega watch she's often seen wearing on red carpet events that is worth an estimated $75,000.

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