LSU's Stellar Victory: Kim Mulkey Leads the Final Four Triumph alongside Alexis Morris and Angel Reese.

LSU head coach Kim Mulkey, along with players Alexis Morris and Angel Reese, celebrated their Final Four victory over Virginia Tech in a postgame interview. Mulkey praised her team's exceptional performance, while Morris and Reese expressed their excitement and gratitude for the win.

Mulkey commended her players for their hard work and resilience throughout the game. She highlighted their dedication and strong defense, which allowed them to secure the victory. Additionally, Mulkey specifically acknowledged Morris's outstanding offensive contributions, as she led the team with 33 points. The coach also emphasized the team's unity and chemistry, emphasizing the importance of their collective efforts in achieving this significant victory.

On the other hand, Morris and Reese expressed their joy and gratitude for the win. Morris, having scored the highest number of points for the team, humbly credited her teammates for their support and teamwork. She recognized the trust and confidence her coach and teammates had in her abilities, which motivated her to perform at her best.

Reese, a key player in the game, expressed her excitement and pride in the team's achievements. She highlighted the importance of their unyielding determination and teamwork in overcoming the tough competition. Reese also praised Mulkey's guidance and leadership, crediting her for the team's success.

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