Miranda Lambert + Blake Shelton Are Gonna Be Neighbors..

Country music stars Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton are set to become neighbors once again. The couple, who divorced in 2015, have both recently purchased properties in a luxury neighborhood in Nashville, Tennessee. Lambert's new home is an impressive mansion valued at $3.4 million, while Shelton's property is a $2.3 million mansion. 

The news of their close proximity has sparked speculation amongst fans about a potential reconciliation between the two stars. However, both Lambert and Shelton have moved on since their divorce.

Lambert is currently married to Brendan McLoughlin, a former police officer, while Shelton is in a long-term relationship with fellow country singer Gwen Stefani. Despite their romantic history, Lambert and Shelton have maintained a friendly relationship and have even performed together at various events. With their new homes being just a stone's throw away from each other, fans are excited at the possibility of more collaborations between the two talented artists in the future. Whether or not a romantic reunion is in the cards, one thing is clear - their shared love for music will continue to bring them together.

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