Carrie Underwood Gets Serenaded By Fans in Las Vegas For Her 41st Birthday.

Resorts World Theatre has bagged an intriguing new moniker - the Lone Star State - with that twinkling star being the phenomenal Carrie Underwood. This alternate handle took on a whole new life on the night before Underwood's 41st birthday, as the country star graced the stage for a breathtaking performance in Las Vegas. 

Unaware of the thrilling surprises planned by her avid team and concert promoters, the theatre was alive with dizzying anticipation. The meticulously designed stage spectacle was a sight to behold, with a massive "Happy Birthday, Carrie" emblazoned backdrop, a spectacular gold-frosted cake, and a stunning bouquet presented in honor of her special day.


In a playful moment captured on TikTok, an MC led the traditional birthday song, prompting Underwood to joke, “I’m very glad you did not put 41 candles [on the cake], someone would have to call the fire marshal”. The banter continued as she cheekily requested his assistance for the upcoming song. 

Underwood authentically conveyed her warmth and gratitude for the surprise in an Instagram post, sharing snippets from her extraordinary evening and extending thanks to her fans. Indeed, Underwood's residency in Las Vegas that started on Dec. 1, 2022, boasts a riveting lineup at Resorts World and other venues, extending her shining beacon across the starry veil of the entertainment world.

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