Gilbert Arenas Wants the Warriors to Sign $48 Million Earning Paul George to Keep Stephen Curry and the Rest in Title Contention In 2024-25

During a recent episode of Gil's Arena, the former Washington guard shared his thoughts on how the Golden State Warriors' Big Three could possibly stay together beyond this season. While others dismissed the idea of them surviving the upcoming off-season, Gilbert Arenas remained optimistic, refusing to believe that this might be the Warriors' 'Last Dance'. Arenas acknowledged that certain strategic moves would be necessary for the Warriors to retain all three franchise stars. According to Arenas, if the Warriors can bring Klay back at a lower cost, they would have the financial flexibility to sign Paul George and potentially revitalize their Big Three.

Despite the challenges and uncertainties surrounding such a plan, including Thompson's contract and willingness to come off the bench, Arenas is still hopeful that the Warriors can make it work. With Curry reaching the twilight of his career, it is crucial for the Warriors to build a competitive roster around him to maximize his remaining years in the league.

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