“When They See the King Coming!”: LeBron James References J. Cole While Showing Off Highlights vs Cavaliers

In their most recent outing, the Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers 116-97, with LeBron James contributing 24 points, 12 assists, and 5 rebounds. This victory marks the Lakers' fourth consecutive win and ninth win in their last ten games. Celebrating this achievement, James shared a highlight reel set to J.Cole's track "Crocodile Tearz" on his Instagram story. The video showcased James' impressive plays, including a behind-the-back dribble that led to a spectacular finish. Despite mixing up some lyrics in his caption, James seemed to enjoy playing around with the music. The track featured references to James as the "G-O-A-T" and his smooth passes to his teammates.

In a playful move, James also posted lyrics suggesting some rap beef connections. The hip-hop culture seems to have caught James' attention, as he vibed to certain tracks before games, sparking speculation about his ties to certain artists. Whether these posts have deeper meanings or are simply lighthearted fun, LeBron James continues to engage with pop culture trends.

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