Kourtney UNCOVERS Kim's Scheme to Seduce Travis Barker and Sabotage Her Marriage

In the article, Kourtney Kardashian is reported to have broken down while exposing her sister Kim Kardashian's alleged attempt to have a romantic relationship with Travis Barker, potentially ruining Kourtney's marriage. Kourtney expressed her distress over the situation, indicating that Kim's actions were harmful and inappropriate. The article suggests that there is tension between the Kardashian sisters due to this incident involving Kourtney's husband. It highlights the emotional impact on Kourtney and the potential fallout within the family as a result of Kim's alleged actions. The article implies that there is a betrayal of trust between the sisters, with Kourtney feeling hurt and betrayed by Kim's actions. Overall, the article focuses on the drama and conflict within the Kardashian family, specifically regarding the alleged attempt to interfere with Kourtney's marriage.

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