Every Harry Potter Prefect, Ranked by Skill

In the enchanting world of Harry Potter, Hogwarts Prefects are responsible for maintaining order and discipline among the younger students. During their fifth year at the renowned school of witchcraft and wizardry, the Headmaster selects the most talented and well-behaved students from each house to honor them with this prestigious position. However, not all Prefects are exemplary in their roles.

Pansy Parkinson, portrayed by Scarlett Byrne, was one of the least impressive Prefects in the Harry Potter series. She, along with Draco Malfoy, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley, was appointed Prefect during their fifth year.

Pansy's lack of extraordinary talents raised questions about her selection, but it is rumored that Severus Snape, favoring Draco, recommended her for the role. Nonetheless, Pansy did not leave a lasting impression as a Prefect and abused her position of power.

On the other hand, Percy Weasley, portrayed by Chris Rankin, excelled as a Prefect due to his outstanding grades and commitment to his responsibilities. Percy took pride in his role as Prefect, ensuring that Hogwarts ran smoothly and guiding younger students through their magical experiences. Despite his excellence in the position, Percy's magical talents were not considered extraordinary.

Charlie Weasley, played by Alex Crockford, stood out as a talented Prefect and dragonologist during his time at Hogwarts. With a strong passion for magical creatures, Charlie was also the Captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch Team and received high marks in his Care of Magical Creatures N.E.W.T. exam. Joining the Order of the Phoenix, Charlie showcased exceptional skills as a duelist, making him a remarkable and intriguing character.

Draco Malfoy, portrayed by Tom Felton, was predictably selected as Slytherin's Prefect in his fifth year. While Draco possessed above-average magical abilities, he often misused his powers and neglected his duties as a Prefect.


Serving as a reminder that talent alone does not guarantee success, Draco's lack of commitment overshadowed his potential.

Each Prefect in the Harry Potter series brought a unique set of skills and characteristics to Hogwarts, shaping the narrative with their actions and choices. From the charismatic Lord Voldemort to the wise Albus Dumbledore, the intricate web of characters intertwined to create a world filled with magic, danger, and unwavering courage. Through their individual journeys, the Prefects navigated the challenges of their roles, leaving an indelible mark on the wizarding world and the hearts of fans worldwide.

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