Jennifer Garner Says She Has to ‘Sit on My Hands’ To Avoid Giving Her Kids Advice & It’s So Relatable

Watching your children navigate life's challenges and make their own decisions can be a tough pill to swallow. Just ask Jennifer Garner, who candidly shared her struggles with letting her kids Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel find their own paths. In a recent interview, she revealed how she resists the urge to impart her parental wisdom on her teenage children.

"It's so hard," Garner confessed, reflecting on her own parents' hands-off approach. Despite her inner desire to guide her kids, she knows the importance of letting them make their own choices. "I have to sit on my hands," she admitted with a knowing smile.

As her children enter a new phase of self-discovery, Garner is content to watch from the sidelines. "They're really solid right now," she observed proudly. She cherishes every moment spent with her kids, eager to learn more about their hopes and dreams.

Garner understands the value of giving her children space to grow independently. While it may be challenging to resist intervening, she believes that a little "benign neglect" can foster independence and self-reliance. By nurturing their autonomy, Garner hopes to equip her children with the tools they need to navigate life's twists and turns.

So, if you find yourself grappling with the urge to micromanage your children, take a page out of Garner's book. Embrace the beauty of stepping back and allowing your kids to forge their own path. After all, a little space might just be the key to raising resilient and capable individuals.

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