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Guess what? Some familiar faces are making a comeback to General Hospital! Cassandra James is back as Dr. Terry Randolph after a long break, ready to shake things up at the hospital. Keep an eye out for her scenes with Tracy, played by Jane Elliot, on Thursday, April 4.

And that's not all! Charles Mesure is returning as John Brennan, the former WSB director who's been locked up. Anna, played by Finola Hughes, will be questioning him about Pikeman on Friday, April 5.

Heather Webber, portrayed by Alley Mills, is also making a reappearance on Thursday, April 4, causing a stir with Kevin and Laura, played by Jon Lindstrom and Genie Francis, respectively.

Exciting news for fans of Bobbie's diner - there's a new manager in town! Kody Kavitha is stepping into the role of Hunter and will be making her Port Charles debut on Thursday, April 4.

But wait, there's more! Virginia Ma is joining the cast as Nina's new assistant, Madison, at Crimson. She'll be making her debut on Tuesday, April 2, bringing some fresh energy to the mix.

And last but not least, Hudson West is reprising his role as Jake Spencer on Monday, April 1, alongside his TV parents Jason and Elizabeth, played by Steve Burton and Rebecca Herbst. Plus, Asher Antonyzyn is back as Danny Morgan on Friday, April 5. What a star-studded week on General Hospital!

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