The Boy Who Was Given Powers by 7 Gods, but Must Hide Them in Plain Sight

A boy is blessed by seven gods, but their blessings accidentally make him incredibly strong. In order to blend in and not draw attention to himself, he must pretend to be ordinary. Despite his extraordinary abilities, he must keep them hidden in order to live a normal life. The blessings have given him immense power, but he must keep this a secret from those around him. The boy navigates the challenges of concealing his true strength while trying to live a humble and inconspicuous life. The gods' blessings have inadvertently made him a powerful being, but he must suppress this power in order to exist peacefully among others. The story follows the boy as he grapples with the burden of his incredible strength and the need to keep it hidden from the world. Despite being blessed by seven gods, he must live his life as an ordinary person in order to avoid drawing unwanted attention to himself.

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