Kim Kardashian ruthlessly mocks Kanye West following Bianca’s unexpected pregnancy

In a recent development, Kim Kardashian has allegedly taken a swipe at her ex-husband Kanye West following the news of model Bianca's pregnancy. The reality TV star's response implies a mixture of anger and disappointment towards Kanye.

The news of Bianca's pregnancy with Kanye's alleged child has left Kim Kardashian feeling particularly vulnerable and hurt. While she has previously filed for divorce from the rapper, this revelation has reignited negative emotions between the two.

Sources claim that Kim has reached her breaking point with Kanye, with this latest development serving as the final straw.

While she has been trying to focus on co-parenting their children amicably, the news of Bianca's pregnancy has only deepened the rift between the ex-couple.

However, some sources close to Kanye insist that he had been transparent about the situation with Kim, sharing the news of Bianca's pregnancy shortly after learning about it himself. They argue that the timing may have played a part in Kim's strong reaction, given that she is still processing the end of their marriage.

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