Hollywood Vampires Cancel Second Consecutive Show Due to 'Unsafe' Venue Conditions!

Multiple shows on Hollywood Vampires' latest tour have been canceled consecutively. The renowned band, consisting of Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper, Joe Perry, and Tommy Henrikson, initially cited "unforeseen circumstances" for canceling their concert in Budapest, Hungary earlier this week. However, the bad luck continued as the group announced the cancellation of their Slovakia show on Thursday.

In an Instagram post attributed to the main members and touring bandmates Glen Sobel, Buck Johnson, and Chris Wyse, Hollywood Vampires explained that the venue in Slovakia was incomplete and therefore unsafe for both the band and the audience.

They expressed their disappointment and assured fans that the recent cancellations were unrelated and that all band members were safe and healthy.

Despite the setbacks, Hollywood Vampires reassured their fans that they intend to complete the rest of their tour. The European leg of their tour will continue until Sunday, after which they will head to North America for three shows in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and New York.

In June, Johnny Depp celebrated his 60th birthday with his bandmates during a tour stop in Istanbul, Turkey.

According to a source, Depp is currently prioritizing his health. At a concert in Bucharest, Romania, fans sang "Happy Birthday" to Depp, who expressed gratitude and remarked on the size of the celebration.

Following a bitter defamation trial with his ex-wife Amber Heard, which has now been settled, Depp has reportedly moved on and is happy with his current phase of life. The actor has been focusing on his music career with Hollywood Vampires while also prioritizing his well-being.

With their dedicated fanbase eagerly awaiting their upcoming performances, Hollywood Vampires remains determined to successfully carry out their tour despite the recent disruptions.

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