Michael Jordan Revealed He Trash Talked His Kids: "It Ends When I Finish It"

Michael Jordan wasn't only the most competitive player in NBA history but one of the most competitive people somebody could run into. The Chicago Bulls legend was always trying to find any advantage he could get over his rivals, even playing mind games, trying to bring them down. 

MJ is now considered one of the biggest trash-talkers in NBA history, and even though , Jordan took it to the next level, trash-talking everybody he competed against, no matter the activity or what was at stake, he was going in. 

Not even his kids were safe from it, and during an old interview, Jeffrey revealed that his dad was still a vicious trash-talker and didn't care about who was in front of him, he was always trying to get under other people's skin.

Michael Jordan Hilariously Revealed Details Of His Trash Talk Against His Sons

Talking with Today, Jordan and his son Jeffrey talked about their duels, with the Chicago Bulls legend explaining that trash-talking was a common thing in the Jordan household.

"It gets to a point where he [Jeffrey] starts talking trash, Marcus starts talking trash, and my game elevates...," MJ started. 

When Jeffrey said that the six-time NBA champion also liked to get chirpy and talk his thing, Jordan accepted and admitted it doesn't end until he's done with it.

"It never ends, I end it. It ends when I finish it," Jordan added.

MJ was asked if he couldn't be competitive with his kids and he confidently said 'no.' 

When the reporter asked Jeffrey if he ever beat MJ, the younger son answered 'yes,' but his father had something to say about it. 

"Ask him how many times! Once."

Then, the reporter told a story of when he beat his dad playing golf, and asked Jordan if he felt happy when his son beat him on the court. But, MJ being MJ, answered as he only could. 

"No. You're gonna regret it."

Michael Jordan was a fierce competitor and he never tried to hide that. Not even his kids were safe from that, but that was just MJ's personality. Just like he used to it, other players dominated his sons, as . 

Jordan is one of the biggest legends in NBA history with due reason, considered the GOAT by many, and you don't get to that without having the mindset he had during his entire career.  and there was nothing they could do to change that. His Airness was a different animal and everybody knew that.

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