Pow! Will Smith and Charlize Theron on punching and cursing in The Assassin's Husband's Mistress.

In an interview, Ryan Reynolds and Salma Hayek discuss the film "The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard" and how their characters use slapping and swearing as comedic elements in the movie. Reynolds and Hayek talk about how their characters' dynamic in the film features a lot of physical comedy, including slapping each other for comedic effect. They also mention how the use of swearing in the film adds to the humor and entertainment value of the movie. The actors express their excitement for audiences to see the film and enjoy the action-packed, funny scenes that showcase their characters' interactions. Overall, Reynolds and Hayek emphasize the comedic elements of the film and how they were able to have fun and bring their characters to life through physical comedy and humorous dialogue.

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