"They nailed it!" Ryan Reynolds and Jodie Comer talk accents, music, and collaborations with Taika Waititi

In the article, Ryan Reynolds and Jodie Comer, stars of the movie "Free Guy", discuss their experiences on set and working with director Taika Waititi. One notable moment was when Comer showcased her talent by performing 68 different accents while filming. The actors also shared about their love for Marmite, a popular British spread, and Reynolds even serenaded Comer with a song. Throughout the interview, the chemistry between the two stars was evident as they laughed and joked with each other. The article highlights the fun and light-hearted atmosphere on set, as well as the camaraderie between Reynolds, Comer, and Waititi. Overall, the interview gives a glimpse into the personalities of the actors and the enjoyable experience they had while working on the film.

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