Ryan Reynolds stars in the potty-mouthed blockbuster "Deadpool 3: The Unapologetic Peter" | EXPLICIT WARNING

Ryan Reynolds has confirmed that a spin-off film titled "Deadpool 3: Absolutely Peter" is in the works. The actor, known for his role as the witty and irreverent Deadpool, revealed this exciting news during a recent interview. The spin-off will focus on the character Peter, who was introduced in "Deadpool 2" as a member of the superhero team X-Force. Reynolds expressed his enthusiasm for the project and hinted that fans can expect the same level of humor and action that they have come to love from the Deadpool franchise. However, Reynolds warned that the film will contain strong language, staying true to the character's edgy and R-rated nature. Fans of the Deadpool series can look forward to more laughs and thrills in "Deadpool 3: Absolutely Peter".

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