Ezra Miller's 'Invincible' Role Recast in Wake of Turbulent Two Years

Ezra Miller, known for their portrayal as a mad scientist in Amazon Prime's animated series "Invincible," has been quietly replaced by actor Eric Bauza in the latest episode of Season 2. The switcheroo of voice actors seems to be a result of Ezra's turbulent past, including legal issues in Vermont and a string of incidents captured on video across the country.

This comes after Ezra's superhero film "The Flash" failed to meet box office expectations. Despite this setback, director Andy Muschietti expressed a willingness to work with Ezra again in the future if a sequel were to happen. However, with James Gunn rebooting the DC Universe, it seems unlikely.

Amazon Prime, which produces and streams "Invincible," has not provided an official explanation for the casting change. Fans of the show have noticed the difference in voice actors and are left to speculate on the reasons behind the sudden recasting.

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