Rebel Wilson reveals why she thinks Adele 'HATES' her

In excerpts from upcoming memoir, Rebel Wilson revealed she used to be compared to Adele, who Wilson believes 'hates' her for it due to their similar sizes. They had mutual acquaintances during events, but Adele allegedly avoided Wilson. Wilson, who portrayed 'Fat Amy' in Pitch Perfect, once had a no-weight-loss clause in her contract. She later lost over 70 pounds following fertility advice. Wilson welcomed her daughter Royce via surrogate in 2022. Her weight loss journey included high-intensity training and switching to a high-protein diet after consuming 3,000 calories a day. However, stress eating led to a 20-pound weight gain recently. Adele also shared her weight loss journey aimed at improving her mental health. Adele highlighted the impact of body image and how others' opinions affected her. Adele emphasized body positivity and self-reliance, focusing on her own well-being above outside validation.

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