Mariska Hargitay And Christopher Meloni Delight ‘Law & Order’ Fans With Reunion Selfie

Benson and Stabler are back together.

Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni, who play Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler in “Law & Order”, could be seen cosying up in a recently shared selfie.

Hargitay confirmed “it’s on” in the caption.

Stabler will feature in the “Law & Order: SVU” season premiere to air this fall. Meloni, who left “Law & Order: SVU” in 2011 after playing his character for 12 seasons, will then

He recently spoke about reuniting with his co-star on screen in crossover episodes, telling the , “Benson and Stabler are inextricably linked, locked and connected.

“I think there is truly and deeply a worthwhile, inherent drama in exploring that relationship and the complexity of how Stabler left — the unresolved emotions both characters feel and how the fans feel.”

Meloni chose to not renew his contract at the end of season 12; Stabler retired following an internal affairs bureau investigation that would have had him submit to a psychological evaluation, personnel file review, and anger management classes.

His absence was addressed in the season 13 premiere. Hargitay and Meloni have remained friends since.

“Law & Order” fans shared their excitement over the recent Benson and Stabler selfie. See some of the reaction below.

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