Travis Kelce Unable to Finish Well-Known Taylor Swift Lyric


Travis Kelce, the tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, was recently put on the spot when asked to complete a Taylor Swift lyric ahead of the Super Bowl. During a media event in Vegas, Kelce was bombarded with questions about his girlfriend and the comparisons made between him and Taylor Swift to the American version of the Royals. When asked why people are so intrigued by their relationship, Kelce mentioned their values, but the focus quickly turned to Taylor's lyrics.

A reporter challenged Kelce to complete a line from a popular Taylor Swift song, "Karma," and even though it is a lyric that any casual fan would know, Kelce seemed to stumble and redirected the conversation. The actual lyric goes, "Karma is the guy on the screen // Coming straight home to me." Instead, Kelce confidently inserted "Chiefs" into the line, referencing a lyric change Taylor made during a concert in Argentina with Kelce in the audience.

While some Swift fans are raising eyebrows at Kelce's inability to remember the original lyric, it's important to remember that Kelce is an athlete, and it is highly unlikely that Taylor Swift knows the intricacies of football plays like a wheel route.


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