Grey’s Anatomy’s 10 Saddest Patient Deaths


Grey's Anatomy, the longest-running medical drama series in television history, has had many patients come through Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital in its 19 seasons. While not all patient stories have happy endings, their deaths have had a lasting impact on the series and viewers alike. The show follows a procedural format, introducing new cases and patients in each episode to keep things fresh.

One of the most memorable patient deaths on Grey's Anatomy was that of Henry Burton, a patient without insurance who needed life-saving surgery. Teddy impulsively married him to provide insurance, and their relationship grew over time. However, Henry's condition worsened, and Cristina had to perform the surgery that ultimately led to his death.


Another heartbreaking death was that of Wallace Anderson, a young boy with short gut syndrome. Arizona was pressured into performing a risky surgery on him, which led to his death on his 11th birthday. The fact that his death may have been avoided made it even more painful.

Denny Duquette, a patient with congestive heart failure, had a profound impact on Izzie Stevens. Despite receiving a heart transplant, he died from a stroke later that night. His death had lasting effects on Izzie, who later envisioned him while battling cancer.

Susan Grey, Meredith's stepmother, died during surgery after initially coming to the hospital with a case of hiccups. This strange cause of death added to the pain, especially when her husband blamed Meredith for her death.


Bonnie Crasnoff, a patient impaled in a train crash, bonded with another patient as doctors struggled to save them both. Bonnie knew she was going to die and asked her fellow patient if he believed in heaven. Her death was tearjerking, especially when she later appeared in Meredith's "afterlife."

Mary Portman, played by Mandy Moore, survived an active shooter situation but later died unexpectedly after surgery. Her death had a profound impact on Bailey.

Kyle Diaz, a guitar player with multiple sclerosis, died during surgery, leaving a devastated Stephanie to watch from the OR gallery.

Jessica Smithson, a young girl with Tay-Sachs disease, died in the hospital with Bailey providing comfort.


Harold O'Malley, George's father, went into organ failure and was taken off life support. George found solace in talking to Cristina about the loss.

Alex Karev's father, Jimmy Evans, came to the hospital in an attempt to repair their relationship. However, Alex discovered that his father had abandoned him and his siblings. Despite this, Alex stayed by his father's side as he died, showing significant character growth.

These patient deaths on Grey's Anatomy are just a few examples of the show's ability to evoke strong emotions and touch the heartstrings of both the characters and viewers. Despite the sadness, these moments are some of the most memorable in the series.


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