She Still Loves Him! Selena Gomez Spotted in TEARS After Encountering Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez was spotted in tears after an unexpected run-in with her ex, Justin Bieber. The emotional encounter left Gomez visibly shaken, sparking speculation about the lingering feelings between the two.

As Gomez and Bieber crossed paths, the tension between them was palpable. Gomez's eyes welled up with tears, betraying the flood of emotions she was experiencing. Bieber, seemingly taken aback by Gomez's reaction, tried to approach her, but she quickly turned away, hiding her face.

The sight of Gomez in tears after seeing Bieber set tongues wagging among onlookers and the media. Many wondered what words were exchanged, or if any at all, during their brief interaction.


Gomez's emotional outburst served as a stark reminder of the deep bond they once shared, and the lingering effects of their past romance. Despite their efforts to move on, the encounter hinted at unresolved feelings and unanswered questions between them.

As Gomez walked away, her tears glistening in the dim light, the world watched, captivated by the mystery of her emotions and the untold story of her encounter with Bieber. The incident left fans eagerly awaiting any updates on their relationship, eager to uncover the truth behind their tearful reunion.

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