Allen Iverson Has A Smart Response On The GOAT Debate Between Michael Jordan And LeBron James

It is safe to say that Allen Iverson knows a thing or two about greatness. Over the course of NBA history, a lot of great scorers have come around, but pound-for-pound, there hasn't been anyone better than Iverson.

A 4-time scoring champion, Iverson also shone when it mattered most, with a career average of 29.7 PPG in the postseason, which ranks 3rd all-time. One of the men to rank above him is , who is widely regarded as the GOAT.

MJ's place at the top of the mountain wasn't disputed for quite some time, but  has now emerged as a strong contender for the throne, especially after he broke the all-time scoring record. Iverson was asked about the GOAT debate during a recent interview with Marc J. Spears, and he had a smart response.

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"LeBron, I think, to me is the best overall basketball player that we’ll ever see. If you look in the dictionary and look up basketball player, there’ll be a picture of LeBron. But for me it’s so different because Mike was everything to me. He gave me the vision. He made me want to play basketball. He’s my everything.""Because he’s Mike to me. He’s my guy. So there’ll never be no one at the top of my list besides Mike. But LeBron is just everything that you want in a basketball player. He’s a total package. He’s God’s gift to the basketball world."

There will be quite a few who share that sentiment. When it comes to overall skill set, there probably isn't anyone who can measure up to LeBron, who, at his peak, could do literally everything on the court. Jordan, meanwhile, was an incredibly gifted athlete who almost always got the job done in the biggest moments, which is why he tends to get the edge over James. 

Here is a look at a , and it is incredible to see all that they managed to accomplish. Also, check out , and that is where the difference is actually quite big.  why Jordan remains the GOAT over LeBron in the eyes of so many, despite breaking the scoring record.

Allen Iverson Spoke On How Michael Jordan Inspired Him

Iverson spoke in detail earlier this year about just how MJ inspired him when he was growing up. He stated that  and that the  superstar gave him the vision to be a basketball player.

Iverson wanted to be looked at and feared the way Jordan was, and while he never quite reached those heights, he went on to become an incredible player in his own right.  and there aren't many who can claim to have done that!

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