Ex-'Howard Stern Show' Star Arrested After Beating Man While Driving in Car

Former celebrity Elisa Jordana found herself in hot water after a live stream of her altercation with her boyfriend while driving led to her arrest. Jordana, who appeared on "The Howard Stern Show" in the early 2010s, live streamed the incident where she could be seen bickering with her boyfriend in the car, leading to a physical altercation.

The video showed Jordana repeatedly striking her boyfriend before he retaliated by grabbing her hair and ultimately kicking her out of the car. Following a call to the police, officers arrived at the scene, reviewed the video, and determined Jordana to be the aggressor. She was arrested and booked for simple domestic battery.

Jordana has since apologized for her actions, expressing regret for the incident. Despite her past appearances in Hollywood, including on shows like 'Stern' and 'Kimmel,' she now faces criminal charges in Florida.

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