Law & Order: SUV stars Chris Meloni and Mariska Hargitay troll fans!!

and Christopher Meloni's onscreen chemistry on Law & Order: SUV helped endear the drama series to fans soon after it premiered back in September 1999.

Over the years, the leading lady and man used their undeniable chemistry as Captain Olivia Benson and Detective Elliot Stabler to tease fans about a real-life romance.

And on Saturday the two actors gave yet another convincing performance when they posed as two people snuggled up together who are about to share a passionate kiss. 

Trlling fans: Christopher Meloni, 60, and Mariska Hargitay, 57, teased fans about their onscreen chemistry with steamy BTS snap, one day after someone shared a dream dare

This all started with a dare of sorts from one of Meloni's 469,500 Twitter fans and followers who  shared a photo of the two stars acting out a love scene on set. 

'Can y'all imagine if one day @Chris_Meloni and @Mariska posts a picture like this pretending they are kissing with the caption #Rehearsing,' the fan wrote.

'It would be the end of us and the end of the internet.'

Meloni, 60, wasted little time and posted his steamy selfie of the two staring lovingly into each other's eyes, with their noses touching, seemingly about to make out.

"#Rehearsing what @Mariska?' he wrote alongside the photo, in a direct reference to the initial tweet.

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