Lizzo Clarifies 'I Quit' Post, Not Leaving Music Industry

Lizzo Sets the Record Straight: Not Quitting Music, Just Negativity

After causing concern among her fans with a cryptic message last week, Lizzo has clarified her stance - she isn't quitting the music industry, she's quitting negativity. The singer expressed feeling unwanted and constantly attacked despite her efforts, leading her to state, "I QUIT." However, Lizzo has now explained that she is not leaving music behind but rather focusing on the positive aspects of her life. She is choosing to ignore ugly comments and criticism, opting to concentrate on the love and support she has received. Azealia Banks also chimed in, offering constructive criticism and advising Lizzo to block out the negativity and focus on her strengths. With everyone seemingly on the same page, Lizzo is moving forward with a renewed outlook on her career and personal well-being.

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