Rihanna Rejects Nannies: Astonishing Reason Behind Her Decision to Parent Solo

Singer Rihanna has made a vow never to hire a nanny for her future children due to an unbelievable reason. The Grammy-winning artist stated that she wants to be able to give her kids the same "normal" childhood she had, which includes not having a nanny.

In an interview with Interview Magazine, Rihanna opened up about her views on motherhood and her desire to be hands-on with parenting. She expressed her intention to prioritize spending time with her children and being fully involved in their upbringing. The singer mentioned that she was raised in a close-knit family and wants to emulate that same experience for her own children.

Rihanna spoke about her unconventional work schedule, stating that she has the luxury of being able to tailor it to her needs and therefore will be able to dedicate time to her kids. She acknowledged that being a mother will require adjustments but expressed confidence in her ability to balance both her career and parental responsibilities.

The pop star also revealed her fears about hiring a nanny, basing them on her own childhood experiences. Rihanna expressed concern that a nanny might end up having more influence on her children than she would like. She emphasized that she wants to be present for her kids' major life moments and wants to share in their upbringing every step of the way.

The singer's decision to forgo a nanny reflects a growing trend among celebrity parents who value a sense of normalcy for their children. Many famous figures have expressed the desire to provide their kids with a regular childhood, free from excess and with hands-on parental involvement.

Rihanna's commitment to being a dedicated and present mother is admirable. Despite her demanding career, she intends to prioritize her children's upbringing and ensure they have the same down-to-earth experiences she had growing up. By choosing not to hire a nanny, she aims to create a sense of stability and closeness within her family unit.


It is refreshing to see prominent individuals like Rihanna advocating for a more "normal" approach to parenting. This decision sends a strong message that money and fame do not necessarily equate to a happy childhood. Ultimately, what matters most is the love, time, and attention parents give to their children.

As Rihanna embarks on her journey into motherhood in the future, she will undoubtedly face challenges balancing her career and personal life. However, her determination to remain actively involved in her children's lives will undoubtedly result in a positive and enriching upbringing for them.

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