Every Movie Trailer & TV Tease Released for Super Bowl LVIII (So Far)


The Super Bowl not only brings thrilling football action and captivating halftime performances but also delivers an abundance of entertainment through its commercial breaks. Major movie and TV trailers take the spotlight during these breaks as studios spare no expense to give audiences a taste of what to expect on the big and small screens. Some trailers made their debut before Super Bowl Sunday, while others premiered during the game with extended versions available online afterwards.

Among the trailers released thus far are sneak peeks of highly anticipated productions like A Quiet Place: Day One, Bob Marley: One Love, Ryan Reynolds' IF, and the Paramount+ Sonic spinoff series Knuckles. However, fans eagerly await the possibility of first glimpses of Deadpool 3 featuring Hugh Jackman's Wolverine, as well as films such as Twisters, Quiet Place: Day One, Inside Out 2, and Wicked: Part One. As the game progresses, more trailers may emerge, and this article will be continuously updated to keep readers informed.

As viewers stay glued to their screens for the Super Bowl, they know not to miss out on these exciting previews.


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