💥 Alexis Morris shares her thoughts on the explosive Angel Reese-Kim Mulkey LSU controversy! 💥

In response to the recent controversy surrounding Angel Reese's decision to decommit from LSU's women's basketball team, former LSU standout Alexis Morris has weighed in on the situation. Morris expressed her thoughts on the drama involving LSU coach Kim Mulkey and provided her perspective on the matter.

The article highlights the current events surrounding Angel Reese, a highly touted basketball prospect who had previously committed to play for the LSU Tigers. However, Reese recently decided to decommit from LSU, causing a stir in the basketball community. The main reason behind her decision seems to be the arrival of Coach Kim Mulkey at LSU.

Morris, who used to play for LSU and is now a professional basketball player, shared her reaction to the controversy. She acknowledged that Mulkey's hiring was indeed a significant factor in Reese's decommitment. Morris stated that Mulkey's reputation and winning pedigree were a powerful incentive for recruits, suggesting that Reese might have been swayed by the allure of playing for the renowned coach.

Moreover, Morris opened up about her own experience playing under Mulkey at Baylor University before transferring to LSU. She described her time at Baylor as having great moments, but also acknowledged that Mulkey's coaching style could be intense and demanding.

Morris mentioned that Mulkey's assertive approach could be challenging for some players to navigate and adapt to.

Despite sharing her opinion on Mulkey's coaching methods, Morris recognized the immense success that Mulkey has achieved throughout her career. She acknowledged Mulkey's three national championships at Baylor and the impact she had on the program. Morris credited Mulkey for her ability to build winning teams and develop players.

Regarding Reese's decision to decommit from LSU, Morris indicated that she understood the young player's dilemma. With the arrival of Mulkey, Reese likely faced a difficult decision between loyalty and the opportunity to play for a highly accomplished and respected coach.


Morris emphasized the importance of players feeling comfortable and supported in their college environment, as it ultimately determines their development on and off the court.

In conclusion, former LSU star Alexis Morris shared her thoughts on the Angel Reese drama, shedding light on the impact of Coach Kim Mulkey's arrival at LSU. Morris recognized Mulkey's success while also acknowledging the challenges of playing under her coaching style. She understood Reese's decision and stressed the significance of players' comfort and support in their college basketball experience.

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