Angel Reese Says She's 'Done a Lot of Shopping Lately' After Major NIL Deals

has been enjoying her NIL earnings this summer.

The LSU Basketball star, 21, told she's been "doing a lot of shopping lately" since becoming one of the in endorsement deals for brands like Coach, McDonald's and Amazon.

However, Reese revealed that she "didn't spend" the first NIL check she received because "it wasn't much."

Since her NIL deals and checks have grown, Reese said she's picked up "a couple designer bags" and a new ride. "Luckily, I just did a deal [with Benz] — I just got a Benz,” she revealed, referring to the black Mercedes-Benz she bought on her 21st birthday in May.

About one week after her luxe investment,

"her first big purchase" on the set of her Starry commercial in Los Angeles. She also said "shopping and sleeping," were two of her favorite ways to relax amid her stacked schedule.

The NCAA champion told Overtime that she hopes her success can be "an example for a lot of young girls that look like" her.

Reese explained, “It’s cool because, one, you really don’t see black women doing a lot of deals, especially with a lot of these brands — so, just to see me being an example for a lot of young girls that look like me, and just giving them a point just to know that they can do it.”

Inspiring her young fans has always been a priority for the LSU Tigers star.

With her rise to national stardom being quick, that she's definitely felt "overwhelmed" with "so many" eyes on her, but said she's learned to welcome the opportunity to be a role model.

"It's a blessing, honestly. I've kind of embraced it. People are watching me. It's a fast life I'm living. I think I have to mature quickly."

Reese continued, "I'm going to learn from mistakes that I make, but I have a lot of great people around me that help me and I'm blessed to have them around me. I'm happy."

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