Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce In Honeymoon Phase at Super Bowl After-Parties


Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have been making headlines lately for their adorable and seemingly blissful relationship. The couple was seen together at various Super Bowl after-parties in Las Vegas, and they looked like a couple of high school sweethearts.

Film producer Nitish Kannan, who had the pleasure of partying with Taylor and Travis, described the night as one filled with love and joy. The couple started the celebrations at Zouk inside Resorts World Las Vegas before moving on to XS at the Wynn. And throughout the night, they couldn't keep their hands off each other.

According to Nitish, Taylor and Travis appeared to be in the honeymoon phase of their relationship. They were soaking up every moment together and seemed incredibly happy. Unlike Taylor's previous relationships, this one seems to be nonchalant and easy-going. Travis is not clingy or needy, and Taylor is fully invested in their romance.


During the night, Taylor and Travis wanted nothing more than to enjoy a normal night out with their friends, family, and teammates. They were the center of attention, but they didn't let it go to their heads. Travis seamlessly transitioned between spending time with Taylor and hanging out with his teammates.

As for the future of their relationship, Nitish's answer was intriguing. While he couldn't predict exactly how long they would last, he implied that their compatibility and the carefree nature of their romance could contribute to its longevity.

It's refreshing to see Taylor Swift in such a happy and healthy relationship, and fans can't help but root for their love to continue flourishing.


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