The Harry Potter TV Show Can Do A Key Character Death Justice After The Original Movies Rushed Past It

HBO's potential Harry Potter TV show has the chance to rectify certain mistakes made in the movies and do justice to a crucial character's death that was glossed over in the original adaptation. While the Harry Potter films are generally well-regarded adaptations of J.K. Rowling's beloved book series, there are moments where they fall short in bringing the source material to life. One such instance is the mishandling of the death of a key character, a fate that was also inadequately addressed in the books themselves. Thankfully, the television series offers an opportunity to delve deeper into these pivotal moments and give them the gravitas they deserve.

The TV show promises to expand on details that were overlooked in the films, allowing for a more comprehensive exploration of the supporting characters and their poignant farewells. Battles that were previously rushed through on the big screen can now be given the time and attention they warrant, particularly those that culminate in the untimely demise of beloved characters. One such character is Mad-Eye Moody, whose sacrificial death in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was glossed over in the midst of a chaotic battle sequence.

Mad-Eye Moody, a grizzled auror with a penchant for constant vigilance, played a crucial role in Harry Potter's journey, ensuring his safety as he navigated the treacherous world of magic.

Despite his heroic efforts, Moody's death in the line of duty was treated as a mere footnote in the movies, with little acknowledgment of his sacrifice. The abruptness of his demise left fans wanting more, as his character deserved a more significant send-off.

In both the books and the films, Moody's death lacked the emotional weight it deserved, failing to capture the poignant moment of a hero making the ultimate sacrifice. By rushing through his demise, the adaptations missed an opportunity to highlight Moody's unwavering dedication to the fight against dark forces. The upcoming TV show has the chance to correct this oversight, ensuring that Moody's death is given the solemnity and impact it should have had from the start.


To honor Moody's memory and legacy, the Harry Potter remake could showcase his final moments in a more poignant and memorable manner. By expanding on the Battle of the Seven Potters and providing multiple perspectives on the conflict, viewers can witness the full extent of Moody's bravery and selflessness. Additionally, the series could incorporate a heartfelt tribute to Moody, either through a proper funeral scene or a solemn gathering of friends to bid him farewell.

As fans eagerly await the debut of the Harry Potter TV show on HBO, there is hope that the series will deliver a more faithful and emotionally resonant adaptation of Rowling's magical world. With a renewed focus on characters like Mad-Eye Moody and their pivotal contributions to the story, the remake has the potential to create a more immersive and impactful viewing experience for both longtime fans and newcomers to the Wizarding World.

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