Recasting Henry Cavill As 10 Heroes For James Gunn's DC Universe

Henry Cavill may not be reprising his role as Superman in the new DC Universe, led by James Gunn and Peter Safran, but there are several exciting roles he could take on. Cavill, known for playing Superman in the DCEU, could potentially portray heroes like Wildcat, Booster Gold, Blue Beetle, Adam Strange, Mister Miracle, Batman, The Human Target, Orion, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), and Apollo. These characters offer a variety of challenges and opportunities for Cavill to showcase his versatility as an actor. While he may not return as Superman, Cavill's potential future in the DC Universe looks promising with these dynamic roles. DC Comics has a rich history, and its latest iteration promises exciting new adventures for both fans and actors like Cavill.

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