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Ryan Reynolds recently provided an update on how his wife, Blake Lively, is doing after the birth of their fourth child. During an interview promoting his latest movie, Reynolds revealed that Lively is doing great and is handling everything like a champ. He expressed how impressed he is with her ability to juggle their busy household and still find time to focus on her own projects. Reynolds also shared that they both prioritize their family and make decisions based on what is best for their children. The couple is known for keeping their personal lives private, but Reynolds didn't hesitate to share a glimpse of how Lively is managing after welcoming their newest addition. The pair have been married since 2012 and are known for their loving and supportive relationship, with Reynolds often expressing his admiration for his wife's strength and resilience. Overall, it seems that Lively is thriving as a mother of four, with Reynolds by her side every step of the way.

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