🔥Unveiling 'General Hospital’s' Wednesday Drama! Sam spills the beans to Dante, while Chase and Brook Lynn seek help💔 Prepare for an emotion-packed episode filled with secrets, betrayals, and blossoming romance. Can Dante mediate in his current state? Click the comment section link to uncover the full story.

In the upcoming episode of "General Hospital," airing on Wednesday, April 3, emotions run high as the characters face various challenges and revelations. The day starts with Sam McCall pouring her heart out to Dante Falconeri about feeling betrayed, most likely due to a secret kept by Jason. Despite her anger, Dante tries to mediate the situation, understanding the conflict between Sam and Jason.

Meanwhile, Harrison Chase and Willow turn to Dante for help, possibly seeking assistance for their wedding plans. As they seek his aid, it remains uncertain what Dante can do in his current state.

In another storyline, Hamilton Finn opens up to Elizabeth Webber about his father's deteriorating health. Finn expresses his worries as his father's condition worsens, feeling helpless in the face of his decline. Elizabeth consoles Finn, reminding him that sometimes there is little one can do in such situations.

Additionally, Sasha and Cody acknowledge their feelings for each other after a heart-to-heart conversation. Sasha entertains the idea of taking a leap of faith, questioning the possible outcomes of their newfound romance.

Lastly, Blaze shares her excitement about her new job opportunity, becoming the Face of Deception. Kristina is happy for her friend but anticipates potential drama ahead. As the episode unfolds, Kristina prepares to address unresolved issues, hinting at a possible revelation regarding Jason's trustworthiness. Stay tuned to witness the unfolding drama and relationships in Port Charles.

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