Apparent United Airlines Pilot Fixes Plane Window Right Before Takeoff

A United Airlines passenger was left shocked and confused after witnessing what appeared to be one of the pilots replacing a window on her flight just moments before takeoff. The passenger, identified as Kristin, took to Instagram to share her unsettling experience as she prepared to fly from Denver to Dallas.

In a series of Instagram stories, Kristin captured the pilot fixing the interior side of a window while passengers awaited takeoff. Expressing her disbelief, she wrote, "They are literally replacing a window with all of us just chilling and sitting here waiting to take off?!?!?!"

With recent safety concerns surrounding Boeing 737 Max flights, including incidents of tires and cabin windows coming loose, Kristin's apprehension was understandable. Despite the initial shock, Kristin reported that her flight landed safely in Dallas without further issues.

United Airlines has yet to respond to inquiries regarding the incident.

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