“She’s not just a superhero”: Gal Gadot’s DCU Co-Star Claims WB Making Huge Mistake With Wonder Woman by Only Focusing on Superman and Batman

Gal Gadot's portrayal of Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and her solo film in 2017 were beloved by audiences. However, the reception to Wonder Woman 1984 in 2020 was not as positive and led to the character being excluded from James Gunn's plans for the new DCU. Lynda Carter, Gadot's co-star from Wonder Woman 1984, expressed confusion over this decision, questioning the missed potential of the character in the new universe. She emphasized Wonder Woman's unique qualities of inner and outer strength, urging for her inclusion in future projects. Despite this, Gunn seems focused on the larger Amazonian world with the Paradise Lost project, leaving Wonder Woman's future uncertain.

Gal Gadot has a strong affinity for action films, as evident from her roles in the DCU and Fast and Furious franchise. In a Vogue interview, she shared her love for the genre's escapism and thrilling nature. Gadot finds comfort in the challenges and excitement of action roles, describing them as emotional roller coasters that transport audiences to different worlds. While she enjoys exploring various genres, action films hold a special place in her heart for their ability to provide perfect escapism and exhilarating experiences. Gadot's upcoming projects include the drama In the Hand of Dante and Disney's live-action adaptation of Snow White.

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