Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo have a 13 Going on 30 reunion: 'Reconnecting with an old pal'

In the captivating world of romantic comedy, the illustrious duo, Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo, never fail to steal hearts with their endearing chemistry. These stars are fondly known and adored for their roles in the popular film "13 Going on 30," wherein their sizzling depiction of best friends turned love interests captured million hearts. Fans of the duo were recently treated to a delightful moment when the two reunited and shared a picture together on the social media platforms.

From on-screen romance in "13 Going on 30" to a paired comeback in their upcoming movie "The Adam Project," their enduring alliance is indeed worth celebrating.

This reminds us of how, in the previous year, Ruffalo decided to commemorate the anniversary of the beloved romcom. The commemoration was through sharing thoughtful throwbacks, which were extremely appreciated by their fans worldwide.

The stellar conjunction of Garner and Ruffalo is anticipated with bated breath in "The Adam Project." Their return sparks joy and rekindles many fond memories of their previous work together. As they continue their journey on the silver screen, their enduring friendship off-camera further enhances the affection they share. The delightful duo, by virtue of their memorable performances and heartwarming camaraderie, continue to capture hearts, leaving their fans eagerly awaiting their reunion on screen.

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