Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher Are Perfect Parents! Rare Photos of Their Sons Isaiah and Jacob

The sweetest family! Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher are parents to two sons — Isaiah and Jacob — and their little brood is too cute. Not to mention, the boys are growing up to be stars just like their mom and dad.While Carrie was on stage at the Grand Ole Opry in June 2022, fans captured video footage of the boys dancing behind their mom as she was performing. "They're not shy, that's for sure," the "Ghost Story" songstress joked to Entertainment Tonight that same month when reflecting on the now-viral moment.

"That was called, it's way past their bedtime," Carrie added while chatting with ET.

"The little one, Jake, he was just trying to not stop moving, because if he did, he was going to fall asleep, so, I'm singing a ballad up there — and you also have this like, false sense of security at the Opry, when you're back there, you're kind of back there in the dark, and you feel like nobody can see you. So, I feel like nobody really thought twice about them being there and acting crazy."

Carrie and Mike welcomed their eldest son, Isaiah, in February 2015. During a separate interview with ET from June 2019, the American Idol alum referred to Isaiah as "a schmoozer." She joked, "He knows the right things to say and he's so cute about it and he knows how to get, not get what he wants but a little bit. And he'll totally [work it], especially with girls he's so sweet."

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