Video Captures Boeing 737 Engine Cover Breaking Away During Takeoff

Passengers on a Southwest Airlines flight from Denver to Houston experienced a terrifying moment when the engine cover ripped off mid-flight, prompting the plane to return to Denver. A video captured the engine cowling flying up, held together by only a few strands of metal, before breaking away and exposing the turbine. Despite the scare, the pilots managed to bring the plane to a safe halt and all passengers disembarked safely. Southwest Airlines ensured that the passengers were accommodated on another flight, landing in Houston a few hours later than scheduled. The airline is investigating the mechanical failure, adding to the list of recent mechanical issues faced by Boeing, including a United Airlines plane losing a tire on takeoff and a 737 Max 9 making an emergency landing due to a blown-out door. The incident serves as a reminder of the potential risks associated with air travel.

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