Upcycle Your Shipping Cardboard Box: 11 Festive DIY Christmas Decor Ideas

The article discusses 11 do-it-yourself (DIY) Christmas decoration ideas that can be made using recycled shipping cardboard boxes. It emphasizes the importance of not throwing away these boxes and instead utilizing them creatively to make unique and eco-friendly decorations for the holiday season.

The article begins by highlighting the negative impact of throwing away shipping cardboard boxes, such as contributing to waste and deforestation. It suggests that by repurposing these boxes into beautiful decorations, individuals can reduce waste and promote sustainability.

The first DIY idea mentioned in the article is creating a cardboard box Christmas tree.

The author provides step-by-step instructions on how to cut and shape the box to resemble a tree, and suggests painting or adding ornaments to enhance its appearance.

The second idea involves making a Christmas wreath out of cardboard. The article advises cutting the cardboard into a circular shape and embellishing it with green and red color patterns, or even gluing on Christmas-themed cutouts.

Next, the article suggests creating cardboard box gift boxes. By cutting and folding the cardboard boxes into the desired shape, individuals can wrap their presents in a unique and eco-friendly way. The boxes can be decorated with festive ribbons and bows to add a touch of holiday spirit.

Moving on, the article proposes making a cardboard gingerbread house. It describes how to cut and assemble the cardboard pieces, and advises painting them to resemble a traditional gingerbread house. This creative idea allows people to have a decorative and reusable gingerbread house for the holiday season.

The fifth idea revolves around making cardboard box ornaments. By cutting the cardboard into different shapes, painting or wrapping them with festive paper, and adding strings, individuals can create personalized and environmentally-friendly ornaments for their Christmas tree.

The article continues by suggesting using cardboard to create a Christmas village.


By cutting and painting multiple cardboard boxes to resemble houses, shops, or other buildings, individuals can build their own unique Christmas village display.

Next, the article introduces the idea of making a cardboard advent calendar. By cutting and decorating the boxes, individuals can create small compartments to hold treats or small gifts for each day leading up to Christmas.

The article then proposes making a cardboard box centerpiece. By cutting and shaping the cardboard into a decorative display, individuals can add a festive touch to their dining table or mantelpiece.

Moving forward, the article suggests creating a cardboard box snowman.


By stacking and securing different-sized cardboard boxes, individuals can assemble a snowman-shaped structure that can be painted or adorned with festive accessories.

Finally, the article concludes by encouraging readers to use their creativity and imagination to come up with even more recycled DIY Christmas decoration ideas using shipping cardboard boxes.

In summary, the article emphasizes the importance of recycling shipping cardboard boxes by providing 11 DIY Christmas decoration ideas. It encourages individuals to repurpose these boxes into various decorations such as Christmas trees, wreaths, gift boxes, gingerbread houses, ornaments, advent calendars, centerpieces, snowmen, and more. By doing so, people can contribute to reducing waste and promoting sustainability during the holiday season.

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