Cardi B's Top 15 Commandments for Raising Her Little Ones


Cardi B, the popular rapper and reality television star, is known for her outspoken and bold personality. However, when it comes to raising her children, the celebrity follows a set of 15 rules that she enforces strictly. These rules reflect Cardi B's values and beliefs, aiming to teach her children important life lessons and instill good behavior.

The first rule on the list is to always say thank you. Cardi B wants her children to express gratitude and appreciate the things they have in life. The second rule emphasizes the importance of being helpful to others. Cardi B encourages her kids to lend a hand whenever they can, believing it is crucial to build a sense of community and kindness.


Rule number three is to always be respectful, teaching the children the value of treating others with dignity. The fourth rule is centered around apologizing when necessary, as Cardi B wants her kids to understand the importance of taking responsibility for their actions.

Next, Cardi B emphasizes the significance of honesty by making it the fifth rule. She wants her children to always tell the truth, regardless of the consequences. Rule number six is to be patient, teaching the young ones the value and virtue of waiting.

The seventh rule is to never talk back to any adult, teaching the children to show respect for authority figures. Following that, the eighth rule focuses on appreciating diversity. Cardi B wants her kids to understand that everyone is different and that this diversity should be respected and celebrated.


The ninth rule encourages the children to listen to their parents, emphasizing the importance of valuing their guidance and wisdom. Rule number ten advises the children to think before they act, teaching them to consider the potential consequences of their actions.

The eleventh rule emphasizes the importance of taking care of oneself. Cardi B wants her children to prioritize self-care and acknowledges its role in maintaining mental and physical well-being. The twelfth rule aims to teach gratitude for one's appearance, encouraging the children to embrace and love themselves.

The thirteenth rule is centered around financial responsibility, as Cardi B wants her kids to learn the importance of managing money wisely. Rule number fourteen is to always keep a positive attitude, teaching the children the importance of optimism and resilience.


Finally, the fifteenth and last rule is to always believe in yourself. Cardi B wants her children to have confidence in their abilities and dreams, knowing that they have the power to achieve anything they set their minds to.

In conclusion, Cardi B follows a set of 15 rules to raise her children, aiming to instill values of gratitude, respect, honesty, patience, and self-belief. Through these rules, the celebrity hopes to shape her children into compassionate, responsible, and confident individuals who will navigate life's challenges with grace and strength.


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