“Johnny Depp is a sh*t actor”: Pirates of the Caribbean Fans Rush to Support Ayo Edebiri Casting, Defend Race-Swapping With Racism Card


Disney is reportedly considering a change in the casting for the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, potentially replacing Johnny Depp with actress Ayo Edebiri. This comes after Depp was dropped from the sixth installment of the series, leaving Disney with the challenge of continuing the story without its renowned star. While the studio had previously shelved Margot Robbie's all-female Pirates reboot, it appears to be back in development.

The rumored casting of Edebiri as real-life pirate Anne Bonny in the all-female Pirates of the Caribbean has sparked a controversial debate online. Some fans are supportive of Disney's alleged decision to make the movie more inclusive by replacing Depp with Edebiri. However, others are disappointed, as they believe the franchise cannot continue without Depp's iconic portrayal of Captain Jack Sparrow.


The controversy also extends to the issue of race-swapping, as Anne Bonny was historically portrayed as white. Some fans argue that Disney's decision to cast a woman of color in the role is a misrepresentation. However, supporters of the alleged casting point out the lack of diversity in the original franchise and highlight the presence of unrealistic elements in the films, such as the villain being an octopus-faced man.

Social media platforms have become battlegrounds for fans expressing their opinions on the matter. There are heated arguments both for and against Disney's decision. Supporters of Ayo Edebiri's casting defend the studio's attempt at inclusiveness and call out those who criticize the choice as racist.

Ultimately, the casting decision and the direction of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise remain uncertain. However, it is clear that this rumored change has divided fans and sparked intense discussions about representation and diversity in Hollywood.


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