Bianca Rescues North West, Leaving Kim Kardashian in the Dust Awaiting Her Return

Bianca, a celebrity friend, goes to pick up Kim Kardashian's daughter North West without Kim. The article discusses how North West has a close relationship with Bianca, who often spends time with the family. This incident of Bianca picking up North West without Kim highlights the strong bond between the two. It also suggests that Bianca is trusted and relied upon by Kim to take care of her daughter. The article implies that Bianca has a special connection with North West and is considered an important figure in her life. This situation raises questions about the dynamics within the Kardashian family and the role that close friends play in caring for their children. The article ultimately focuses on the relationship between Bianca and North West and how it differs from North West's relationship with her mother, Kim Kardashian.

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