Akon Praying for Diddy, Says Truths Will Be Exposed in Music Biz This Year

Music mogul Akon expressed his concerns about the ongoing scandals in the music industry, particularly in relation to Diddy's recent party scene controversies. In a recent interview with TMZ at LAX, Akon admitted that he doesn't party enough to fully understand the situation, but emphasized the need for truth to prevail and for the industry to learn lessons from the incidents. He suggested that the constant scandals are detrimental to the music business. Akon also spoke about Diddy's case, pointing towards 2024 as a year where the truth will be revealed in the industry. Despite the challenges, Akon remains hopeful and has been focusing on cultivating new talent, such as the trio of sisters from L.A. called Simien. With previous success stories like Lady Gaga, T-Pain, and French Montana, Akon believes that the sky's the limit for his new musical protégés.

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