Kirsten Dunst Says Brad Pitt 'Was Like an Older Brother to Me' on 'Interview with the Vampire' Set

Kirsten Dunst spoke to The Telegraph about her experience working with Brad Pitt on Interview with the Vampire, where he treated her like an older brother. She also had positive things to say about Tom Cruise, who set up a Christmas tree for her on set. The movie, based on Anne Rice's book, also starred Christian Slater, Tom Cruise, and Antonio Banderas. Dunst earned a Golden Globe nod for her performance as the child vampire Claudia. She recalled feeling innocent while acting with Pitt and Cruise as a preteen, and stood by her initial reaction that kissing Pitt in the film was "gross." She described the production of the film as a unique experience, similar to Marie Antoinette. During a recent interview with Variety, Dunst joked about Pitt getting to kiss her in the movie. Civil War, her new movie, will be in theaters on April 12.

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