Kelly Clarkson Strikes Gold! Snags $10.4M Montana Ranch in Epic Divorce Battle!

Kelly Clarkson emerged victorious in her divorce settlement, securing ownership of a jaw-dropping $10.4 million Montana ranch. 🌟 The pop sensation's triumph shines as she claims her piece of paradise amidst the storm. With unwavering determination, Kelly's resilience prevails, cementing her place in the spotlight. 💃✨

 Judge rules in favor of Kelly Clarkson! She gets to keep her Montana ranch! 🏞️💪The Voice coach has been fighting with her ex-husband Brandon Blackstock over the property during the settlement of their divorce. He has argued that because the home was purchased during their marriage, he has a right to it, according to TMZ. But she is the sole person on the title and also it states in her prenup that she gets to keep everything she bought alone during their marriage. A judge ruled in August the prenup needs to stay in place. Kelly was declared legally single in late September.

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