“Knew He Was SPECIAL”: When LeBron James Made His Way to Stephen Curry’s Sweet Sixteen NCAA Matchup

Before unleashing chaos in the NBA with the Golden State Warriors and becoming perhaps the most influential player of his era, Stephen Curry was a small guard at Davidson College. Nonetheless, in 2008, he led an improbable NCAA Tournament run, showcasing his skills to the world and catching the eye of LeBron James, who was in attendance.

Two upset victories later, Curry faced off against Wisconsin in the Sweet 16 round, defying expectations by scoring 33 points to lead Davidson. James, who had anticipated Curry's greatness, had no doubt about the guard's future stardom.Curry's exceptional performance further elevated his draft stock, eventually leading to his selection by the Warriors. Despite initial doubts, Curry exceeded all projections and became a two-time NBA MVP, challenging the legacy of Magic Johnson as one of the game's greatest point guards.

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