“LeBron James Is Very Concerned”: Gilbert Arenas Explains How Lakers Superstar is Concerned About Cocaine Parties Near His Property

LeBron James has been in the spotlight recently due to alarming events in his personal life. The Los Angeles Lakers superstar is reportedly worried about cocaine-fueled parties happening near his Beverly Hills property. Gilbert Arenas shed light on the situation in a recent episode of No Chill Gil, referring to James as a "petty King." Arenas explained the source of James' concern, mentioning squatters organizing parties with evidence of cocaine in the neighborhood. Despite legal hurdles in California, James remains troubled about the impact on his children and has employed 24/7 security, much to Arenas' ridicule. The squatter situation near James' house has caused significant distress, with no clear resolution in sight. Despite James' silence on the matter, his anxiety remains palpable, leaving many curious about the eventual outcome.

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